• Can licenses be transferred from one ESC to another, e.g. if I lose a quad or if an ESC breaks?
    Answer: Unfortunately we have no way to detect whether an ESC is still in use or not. Therefore we have decided to make the licenses very inexpensive, but to require a license for each new ESC. With the 20 license bundle which has a discount of 20% over the 4 license bundle the license costs for a 4:1 esc are $4 - about 1/3rd of a motor. That should put the license costs in perspective.
  • Can the single license also be used in a 4:1 and vice versa?
    Yes, you only need enough licenses in your account to cover all unlicensed ESCs on your quad, regardless of how you purchased them.
  • How many licenses do I need if I replace just one ESC?
    The old ESCs stay licensed and are not licensed again. jesc-configurator will only license the unlicensed ESCs.
  • Do I have to get a new license for each update?
    Answer: No, maintenance updates are free for life.
  • How do I download the firmware?
    Answer: Please follow these instructions to license and install the product.
  • Which ESCs are supported by JESC?
    Answer: JESC supports all BLHeli_S ESCs.
  • Which ESC protocols are supported?
    Answer: JESC supports DSHOT300 and DSHOT600 on H ESCs with rpm telemetry. Using DSHOT600 and an F7 flight controller 8k/8k is possible. On L ESCs DSHOT300 and DSHOT150 are supported. We recommend DSHOT300 on H and DSHOT150 on L for best performance.
  • Is JESC open or closed source?
    Answer: JESC is an open source project located here. It's derived from BLHeli_S and as such licensed under the GPL3. The Telemetry service is a optional closed source commercial product available at which sends rpm telemetry back to the FC. Both firmwares can be installed using the also GPL3 licensed jesc-configurator.
  • Does JESC run on BLHeli32 hardware?
    Answer: JESC currently runs only on ESCs using the efm8bb21 cpu. BLHeli32 supports rpm telemetry out of the box so you can get the full advantage of rpm filtering and dynamic idle with BLHeli32 as well.