JESC Install Instructions

JESC is currently in early access and works with Betaflight 4.1 RC3 and up. Please be extra careful and follow these instructions to the letter! Make sure your internet connection is working - it's required to use jesc-configurator. Have questions? Check out our FAQ or visit the JESC rcgroups thread.

  • Check whether your ESC supports JESC:
    Start the BLHeli Configurator and check the name of the ESC. It's of the form A-H-30. If the middle letter is an H the ESC is supported.
  • Check whether your FC is supports bidirectional dshot. All STM32F4 and STM32F7 based FCs do. Many STM32F3 boards do (see here).
  • Download and install the latest betaflight hex with JESC support for your FC. JESC support is supported in betaflight 4.1 since RC3. 
  • Download and install the latest JESC Configurator here.
  • Visit, set up an account and purchase the required Telemetry licenses for your esc. Don't worry if your order is shown as pending: if your payment was successful move right to the next step.
  • Start JESC Configurator, and use the "License All" button to connect your licenses to your esc.
  • Flash the latest JESC firmware by pressing "Flash All" and follow instructions.
    • Important:
      The NamelessRC AIO 412(T) comes flashed with a mistagged firmware. If you own this board you have to manually select the P-H-90 firmware instead of the tagged P-H-15 firmware to avoid overheating of your esc. Check the checkbox "Ignore inappropriate MCU and Layout?" to allow changine the dead-time. See here for details.
  • Flash the latest Telemetry firmware by pressing "Flash All Telemetry" and follow instructions.
  • If you have any problems during licensing / flashing use the "Save Debug Log" button to produce a log to share with us
  • Now follow the BetaFlight RPM Filter Instructions.

Did you run into any issues? Check the Troubleshooting guide and the FAQ. If your answer isn't there ask your question in the Support Forum.