Troubleshooting Guide

Things to check if it's not working:

  • I just purchased a license but it's not showing in jesc-configurator:
    Sometimes it can take a while for the license to show up. Please wait 24 hours and try again. 
  • I can't download the software from website after purchase:
    JESC configurator will automatically download the firmware. There's no need for a manual download. Please follow the Install Guide.
  • One ESC failed to flash and now displays "FLASH FAILED" or invalid characters instead of JESC-F40 (or whatever your layout spec is).
    Failed flashing happens due to unreliable USB connections, unreliable FC-ESC wiring or insufficient lipo voltage while flashing. First make sure you have solved these problems.
    Then you need to reflash the ESC that failed last time. When selecting the firmware check "ignore inappropriate MCU and Layout" and select the layout displayed for your successfully flashed ESCs (e.g. a JESC-F40 would be a F-H-40 layout).
  • One ESC is missing after a flash attempt.
    See previous issue for likely causes of failed flashes. Fix these issues first. Disconnect USB and lipo. Attach USB and start esc-configurator. Connect esc-configurator. Now attach lipo and read settings. Attempt "read settings" several times if not immediately successful.
    If still not successful save your debug log, open a jesc-configurator github issue and attach your log so we can identify the best next step for you.
  • Motors spin, but no rpm telemetry:
    Did you flash both JESC and the telemetry module? These are two firmwares which need to be flashed independently.
  • I get 100% errors even though I've installed the Telemetry service.
    There is a bug which prevents betaflight configurator from updating it's config cache. If you use a F411 based board you might not have received one critical bugfix. Close BF configurator and erase it's app data (e.g. ~/Library/Application\ Support/betaflight-configurator/ on the mac). Then do a new install with chip erase. You should now receive the latest config.
  • Everything works, but one motor does not spin:
    Please check your FC - ESC wiring. Sometimes when users flash JESC they impair their FC/ESC harness. Double check that you have a solid connection for each esc.